Fry & Associates has launched a new fundraising program in conjucntion with ECore and Playguard Tiles.  Playguard is the only playground tile that you can customize to your very own theme or needs utilizing is patened Ultra Tile manufacturing techniques.  The cutom tiles carry a 15 year warranty making them ideal for fundraising.  You can create custom text or artwork in the top layer of the tile to recognize sponsors.  Rather than sell pizzas (or something that someone doesn't always appreciate paying top dollar for substandard quality) - create a way for your community to buy the playrgound equipment for you.  You can create full color logos or up to 5 lines of text on a single tile.


logo large 14logo large 6


Consider the Possibilities for a 2000 square foot playground:

Example 1

Sell 500 tiles and $200 each (or $40 per line of text) and raise enough money to pay for your tiles AND raise over $40000 for the equipment!  BONUS Sell full logo tiles to local businesses.  50 tiles would raise an additional $6000


Example 2

Sell 150 tiles for $200 each (or $40 per line of text) and raise enough money to pay for ALL of your safety surfacing!  


Sell 70 full logo tiles to local busniesses (or individuals) and pay for all of your safety surfacing! 


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