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We carry a full selection of traditional, or post and platform play equipment.  Fry & Associates is fortunate to be the exclusive supplier of Playworld Systems commercial play equipment in Kansas, Missouri, 


Iowa, and Nebraska.  Why are we forunate?  Top to Bottom, Playworld is the premier manufacturer of playground equipment.



Playworld utilizes cutting edge materials and design to build the best playgrounds for out children.  While there are a lot of pre-packaged designs avaiable, the playgrounds can be tweaked to meet your needs, or custom designed from the ground up to build a totally unique play area.

  • Playmakers®, our flagship modular playsystem for premier play environments
  • Challengers®, a smaller scale modular playsystem to maximize your budget and play value
  • SkyTowers®, the modular playsystem that lets kids experience the safe thrill of playing high in the sky
  • CityScapes®, the most durable modular playsystem, built without plastics to endure the most demanding environments



Custom GraphicsNot only can you customize the selection of components on the playground, you can customize panels, signs, banners and arches.  Utilizing Playworld's proprietary processes we can produce brilliant graphics utilizing our standard pallet of colors.  

Recognize Sponsors

Create a Theme

Add Some Whimsy

Reflect Local Heritage

This process is exclusive to Playworld Systems



Playworld features 3 Full Themes - A Castle, Nature Theme, and a Nautial Theme.  Check out the Videos...

Castle Theme


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