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Fry & Associates is a collection of industry professional and leaders who all have a common goal - to create the best experience possible for our customers now and the users of our products as long as they are being used.

Fry & Associates employees are active in international organizations including ASTMI, NPCAI, and the ADA Access Board.  As a result we are constantly exposed to new ideas and unique thinking which we bring to our clients.  In addition we work with vendors that are active in these same organizations.  We have many disciplines of expertise avaiable to our clients as they need:
  • Playground Design
  • Playground Surfacing Properties
  • Impact Attenuation
  • Accessibility Solutions
  • Seating Layout and Design
  • Equipment Installation
  • Site Preparation
  • Drainage solutions
  • Project Logistics
We also work with a network of contractors, architects, engineers, and other specialists all helping our clients create solutions today for park and playground environments tomorrow, and many years down the road.