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Audits and Testing

Playground Audits

We can come to your site and audit your playground to ensure compliance with current safety standards.  We employ CPSI's (Certified Playground Safety Inspectors) that have a thorough understanding of the guidelines and the rationales used to establish current afety standards.  In addition we have had involvement in the exevutive boards of the NPCAI (International Playground Contractor's Association) and the NPSI (National Playground Safety Institute) providing valuable insight and experience at the highest levels of the playground industry.  We are also actively involved in the ASTM committees that continually review and update standards to address innovations in playground equipment designs.  In addition we have over 25 years of experience in design and execution of playground projects.  Playground audits are not a simple black and white procedure, and more often the issues are grey.  We are professionals that can assist in not just identifying potential issues, but finding cost-effective solutions as well.


Surfacing Testing

We offer field testing to ASTM 1292 standards.  Utilizing a Triax 2000 SIT (Surface Impact Tester) we can come to your site and test your playground surfacing.  Over 70% of playground injuries are a direct result of falls to the surfacing.  You can have the safest equipment available, but kids will inevitably push their limits resulting to falls to the playground surfacing.  It your playground surfacing adequate to prevent serious head injuries?  There is only 1 way to know - have it tested.  In addition we test all unitary surface installations that we perform.  Don't just take our word that the surfacing is compliant - ask for proof!