NPCAQual8With an in-house installation crew, we can come and do the hard work (installing the system) for you! We always have NPSI certified leadership on site to make sure that the equipment is installed to safety guidelines. In addition, we are a qualified contractor witht he International Playground Contractors Association - meaning we have the proper credentials and training to best handle any playground project.


Fry & Associatyes specializes in installation of playgrounds, but we can also assemble and install shelters and benches.  We also work with a carefully selected group of contractors to handle anything that we don't normally do.  We repsect the fact that we are dealing with safety issues and are very conscientious of making sure that the job is done right.  We also realize that we are working in environments where children are present and make it a point to set a good example of behavior.  No foul language or clothing is allowed on our crews.  We also strive to leave the area cleaner than when we got there.



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